National Senior Certificate Exams

Timetable for November 2019


Improve the quality of learner understanding in Mathematics and Science subjects from the beginning of High School.


We provide attentive tutoring to our learners to ensure that each session is fruitful. Membership and numbers are kept low per session to provide each learner the needed attention and patience.


We help our members with homework in Mathematics, Physical Science, Natural Science and Technology subjects, other subjects our assistance is at best effort.


Our members have access to internet connectivity for research purposes, also computer workstations for learners to type out projects and assignments. Printing is also offered at very low prices.

Grade 12 Past Exam Papers

Mathematics and Physical Science learners have access to past exam papers online at any time of the day anywhere they like to access these papers exams. Only need internet access to view the past exams. Learners can also download memo from within the website.


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